From a red to a white, from a single variety to a blend, from a Touring Nacional to a Syrah, the best way to taste our wines is here, in Quinta de Alcube.


We will answer to all your questions e help you to choose which wine to take with you.


But before, we will take you to a visit in our winery where you will see the process from the nature to the bottle.

Wine cellar visit and wine tasting

. 1 white wine;

. 2 red wines;

. Alcubíssimo (late harvest), when available;

. Crackers

. Chips

Wine cellar visit, wine tasting & Cheese


. 2 white wines

. 2 red wines

. Alcubíssimo (late harvest), when available

. Sheep cheese, jam,  bread and crackers.    

Wine cellar visit, wine tasting, Cheese, Chorizo & ham

. 2 white wines

. 2 red wines

. Alcubíssimo (late harvest), when available

. Sheep cheese

. Smoked pudding (chorizo) and ham, bread and crackers.    

The prices include VAT, 23%


  • From Monday to Saturday | since 10:30h to 12:30h and from 15:00 to 17:30h | Booking email quintadealcube@gmail.com

  • All the described activities requires booking with 24h antecipation. All appointments will be accepted due the availabilty at the time.

  • The wine tastings are not available on Sundays.

  • For the visits and wine tasting the minimum requirement are 6 persons. For a number of visitors less than 6 the cost will be the same as for the minimum required.